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Lindsay Hocker Experience

One worrying reporter's experience with hypnosis
By Lindsay Hacker

I worry I worry a lot. I do it all the time, and I'll worry about just about anything.

So that's what I decided I would tell hypnotherapist JT Harms I wanted to improve when he hypnotized me recently.

To begin, Mr. Harms had me close my eyes, relax and put on headphones to block out extra noise so I could hear soft music. He talked me through it, telling me to relax little by little, from my stomach to my toes, then up to my fingertips.

My limbs seemed weighed down. and my eyelids were heavy, making it surprisingly easy to relax. As we talked about my problem, I could tell I was in a different state. My eyelids fluttered as I experienced
rapid eye movement, but I was fully aware.

Mr. Harms and I had discussed my problematic worrying before the session started. Once I was hypnotized, he told me to go back to the place where it began, and I was surprised to find myself thinking of my sixth-grade classroom, a time when I experienced fear of being disliked and was bullied.

He told me to relax, to let go of that moment and to visualize my childhood bully standing in front of me. He told me to tell the person they were forgiven and to imagine them handing my energy back to me.
We repeated that scenario for a few other troubling instances in my life, and it truly made me feel better.

During the process, Mr. Harms said that people are puzzles, and you need to take back your pieces in order to be whole, if someone takes them away from you. That really resonated with me. How many times have I let someone take my energy? How many times have I exhausted myself worrying needlessly? Too many times to count, I’m sure.

“You are a Lindsay puzzle” is probably something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Shortly after that, Mr. Harms began a count down to end the session and, when he reached 5, he toid me to open my eyes. I felt refreshed and relaxed as I adjusted to the light.

Looking back, I'm glad I was able to experience hypnosis. The sessions gave me interesting things to think about, and I learned a few new ways to combat my worrying.
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