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Hypnotherapy and Pain Removal
by JT

Hypnotherapy by Mr. Dave Elman was the first book that was mandatory reading in my first Hypnotherapy class. The introduction to the book explained that Mr. Elman had “THE FEVER” for teaching hypnosis. However, he limited his student base.  He would only teach doctors and dentists!

At a point in his life, Mr. Elman's father had suffered tremendous pain.  His doctor said there was no way to relieve his pain and suffering.  However, a hypnosis performed by a stage hypnotist helped his father control his pain and suffering.  After witnessing this, Mr. Elman had his mission to teach doctors and dentists the power of hypnosis and pain control.

In the mid 1940 's he began to teach hypnosis to doctors and telling them they were already using hypnosis with placebos, fake pills and sterile shots.  While administering these items, words and suggestion included in their use.  It was those words that reached the mind to tell the body that a change was necessary and that a pain reduction could occur.

He also taught the Mayo brothers.  That made the Mayo Clinic very successful. To keep this power unique to their clinic, the whole clinic was sworn to secrecy. One nurse who did write a book about the use of hypnosis in the clinic was fired and never found work as a nurse again. The doctors never saw fit to pass along the secret of hypnosis to their colleagues.

MR. Elman also taught doctors in catholic hospitals and received from the Catholic Church GREAT approval!

NOW, to the present day! The hypnosis field is being hired by the hospitals, upwards of 600 at last count. They know that Hypnotherapists do an excellent pain reduction. Fourteen hour surgeries can be done with VERY LITTLE or NO anesthesia!

NOW, on to your friendly corner hypnotherapist. We attend annual seminars in the study of hypnosis and pain removal. There countless seminars about removing or greatly reducing pain.

NOW that the FDA has changed the rules with the prescription quantities and availability for pain drugs..
Hypnotherapy is your new and most important tool in your pain management arsenal.

Be Free of your suffering NOW
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